No Party Movement
"The Illusion of a Two Party System Divides Us All."
- Noparmo ITINST
No Party Movement
"Only two parties divides us all." - Noparmo ITINST

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This website has three basic sections. The Homepage is a representation of a possible website designed to identify, empower and elect qualified Non Party Affiliated individuals of integrity and character to the United States Senate in a effort to break the hold of tribal major political parties who answer mainly to unaccountable dark money masters in our Democracy. The “Donate” button provides a means to fund development of this page, however, because the No Party Movement does not yet qualify as a Nonprofit or a charity, this donation is not tax deductible. “The Plea”; “The Path”; “The Tool”; and “The Goal” buttons access individual calls to action outlining the need for change, the value of not only empowering but requiring participation in government, provides for one route to diluting the roll of tribal politics and the need for individual accountability in a successful society. The link to the merchandise storefronts cooperatively run by American Youth Apparel Yurt – Inc. is a way to purchase items designed to represent these goals. The apparel is produced and sold independently through Teespring, the hats are sourced elsewhere. Images and pictures in the storefront do not exactly match pictures and images on the website, displays in the storefront best represent what is available for sale but even there, print designs will be consistent, but underlying shirts or hats may vary due to availability. Please Note: While this website covers a lot of ground, there is only one government policy action that is advocated anywhere herein and it is decidedly not tied to any political party viewpoint or issue, in fact is is entirely apolitical. We need everybody involved, whether they are red, blue, green, religious, not religious, businessmen, free spirits, all of us, even if when one turns in their ballot they have decided not to mark anything that is there. The point is that we need to stop shielding political parties and movements from the electorate and require the electorate to become engaged so that we all feel and integral part of the system. Our political system is broken because our representatives have enshrined a system that forces people, if they want any voice at all, into one of two basic political philosophies and then requires uncompromising obedience to the political leadership of that view, and they in turn kiss the ring of their hidden, unelected donor patrons. The fact that critical barbs in this website appear in greater numbers pointing right than left is partially due to the fact that this website advocates voter participation and it is undeniable that a page from the Republican playbook is to shape the voting population by claiming we need “protections” against a fraud even though they never seem able to produce significant trustworthy evidence, most times none at all, that any fraud has occurred. Even more this is just a function of the fact that they are the tribe which currently holds the power and their recent offenses, while even more egregious than what has gone before, are merely more commonly known to recent memory and the underlying facts are not reasonably in dispute making them better examples for discussion. It is not a vindication of similar actions taken by the other side when the roles were reversed. And it is certainly not a condemnation of any position of the average American voter just trying to navigate this system in the way that best meets their needs. The policy decisions will need to wait until we are actually represented and not just pawns in the game. Until we break this system there is no point in addressing the multitude of issues that might need governmental intervention. Not all of them do. You might think that you know the writers views from what is set forth here, sometimes you might be right, but it is more likely that you would be surprised. In the end, Don’t Hate the other just because his interests lie at the other end of the political spectrum from your’s, Participate in breaking the hold tribal politics has inflicted on our Great Nation by turning two sets of patriots on each other. Apologies for the brash tone, grammatical infirmities and overly textual nature of the underlying website. So here we go … :

Aren’t you tired?  Aren’t you a bit embarrassed? I am.   I am also more than just a little angry.   It would be easy to be angry at the current group of senior political and government leadership who have decided now is the time to simply drop the charade that they possess any morals, integrity and are showing that their word means nothing and that their only aim is to wield power to the benefit of the dark money forces who bought them as tools of power.  That anger would be misguided.  We knew what kind of people these representatives were, that is probably why they were chosen.  Whatever the reason, convenience, expedience, exercise of power, laziness, greed, et. al. we have allowed ourselves to be tricked into believing that this is just the way it is a tidy little box of systems and rules that cannot be changed.  Win and cram it down the losers’ throat.  Increasingly the response is to resist at all costs.   Tribal politics at its worst. This did not start with the current administration; the same words were coming out of the opposition mouths starting day one of the previous administration and those obstructionists are, without shame or recognition of irony, gearing up again.  The box may have been constructed and bought by the dark money forces, but we all willingly climbed in.  Don’t get me wrong, all of the names of the traitors who called into question this last election need to be recorded, the individuals need to be legally removed or elected out of office and never allowed to hold a position of responsibility again. But at the same time you need to recognize the remarkable resilience of our democracy and the incredible people of all political persuasions who stood up for our democracy in spite of unimaginable pressure. If you want to know who to be angry with, talk to that person staring back at you from the mirror.  You either participated in the formation of this situation or sat by as others did.  It is not that we are bad people.  The typical Republican voter is no more a skinhead, bigot or fascist than the typical Democratic voter is a Communist, Socialist or Anarchist.  All factions, however, have lemingly accepted this artificial two-party divide.   As the shocking dangerous efforts of traitors at all levels of government leadership unfolds, calling on legal chicanery, arcane unsupportable arguments and outright calls to disregard the votes of the citizens,  in  the most amazingly conducted election in American history,  we are being shown we can no longer just think out of the box, we have to act out of the box if there is any hope in restoring the trust, that is being dangerously and unpatriotically challenged, in our remarkable Democracy by the frivolous legal and public relations challenges which are being tolerated by an irresponsible Republican leadership and lent undeserved credence by shameless traitors to our country in the Pundit/opinion media class.

 We have spent the last several decades allowing our political machinery to devolve.  We have slowly moved away from being an engine of progress and growth, respecting diverse philosophies, compromising our differences, tempered and protected by a zealously guarded separation of powers.  Little by little, dark powers have wrested control of the political system from the people and stolen, bribed, and engaged in increasingly brazen theft of control of our institutions and the nation’s wealth through our political institutions and self-serving rule of law.   We all learned in Civics class that the way this was supposed to work was that the will of the people was voiced through their votes for separate and distinct legislative and executive leadership that would individually, or through coalitions, provide and execute a bedrock of laws necessary to secure the benefits of our nation equally.   Perhaps naively, this system depends on representatives who are answerable to the voters and will act with integrity when outside forces threaten those interests.   The Republican leadership has now fully cast aside any such notion and is fanning the chaos and embracing the lies told at all levels of their party.  Contrary to our system’s purpose, unknown forces have quietly infected the body politic with the virus of dark money usurping the effectiveness separation of powers has on the sanctity of our law making, enforcement and judicial review systems.  This Herpetic virus has fully consumed the leadership of Republican party who have now finally openly declared what has previously been more quietly acknowledged as the platform and the plan for years.  Rule from the minority through gerrymandering, voter suppression and legislative gamesmanship.  Engage in legislative self-dealing while stripping legal redress and avenues for reform from people who have been historically disadvantaged to ensure the continuation of their own financial and political advantage.  Some people might say, or have said that evidence of this infection are the genital warts that surfaced in clusters in and around the Oval Office or maybe what some call or might call the anal lesions presenting and persisting in the Kentucky, South Carolina and Texas Senate offices, I don’t know I think that people might have said that, but even if that were an accurate description it would just the visible symptoms of the disease not the cause nor will applying antiviral remedies to these few manifestations cure the country of its illness.  It is almost understandable that the Republican party and their Media enablers would see imaginary election fraud around every corner, it has been the Republican brand for years to create the illusion of popularity through gerrymandering and suppression. It as only natural that they would assume that everyone shared their lack of integrity. In point of fact, the viral cure, of reliable information, is being actively denied by setting up a situation where the increasingly dishonest Republican propaganda machine (moving even farther from reality than the FOX opinion network) cannot be reined in because, in pursuit of ratings, counter-opinion and  legitimate reporting sources have chosen to repeat the FOX and cohorts lies instead of maintaining their reputation for only reporting the facts and letting the lies remain self-evident.   Instead they repeat the lies over and over again before refuting them foolishly thinking their balanced treatment will somehow convince people, who believed patently false statements in the first place, of their falsehood.  Democratic leadership have foolishly been sucked into this same game and given the power of dark money an entrenched seat on both sides of the table.  In addition to clearing the path for and engaging in unprecedented political theft, each party has foolishly engaged in the removal of traditional protections, like the filibuster, to further emasculate the power to fight these interests.  And now, perhaps most frighteningly, no one can legitimately say that they are certain that courts at all levels, including the recently polluted SCOTUS, can be trusted to protect our rights including most sacred traditions of the sanctity of the vote and separation of powers.

THE NO PARTY MOVEMENT:  The answer is not another political party or to reform the parties that we have.  It is precisely the effect that the illusion of the need for large political machines, be that number two, three or five, that allows their manipulation by dark money forces.  All another political party will do if provide another lever for the grifters and the thieves to pull.  The most likely path to returning power to the people is to make as much of the United States Senate as possible only answerable ONLY to the voters of the states by only electing Non Party Affiliated candidates.   Having done that, hope that the benefits are so apparent that the No Party Movement spreads out through the other avenues of governance and retake our country for the individual, with consideration for the collective, as was intended at our founding. There is no question that each state can find two capable representatives who can represent the interests of the state free from the interference of unaccountable political party leadership.  Imagine having a government we could be proud of and confident in.  We can have that if some of the known names and new upstarts showed the courage to run as NPA.  Andrew Yang, Betto O’Rourke, Pete Buttigieg, how about Al Franken, what an unexpected jewel, any one of “The Squad” arrayed with candidates who would prefer to run as NPAs like Donna Deegan (there must be more like her around the country) or “conservative” people of character like John McCain was, Mitt Romney has shown himself to be or arguably even Paul Ryan has the potential to be, to represent and protect all sides instead of the current crowd of feckless cowards devoid of morals or integrity.  These people don’t have to come from political backgrounds, business owners and executives, education, unions, regular employees, soccer moms and dads, anywhere will do. Imagine if we had run our “Elect Businessmen to come and address the accountability of Washington D.C.” experiment with serious individuals of character like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or Clark Howard instead of a raft of criminals, con men, grifters and people who’s “Business” is the arbitrage of insider trading and tax fraud. The difficult parts will be to first, educate the people who seem currently oblivious to why having their representatives accountable to them, not a political party, is the only way our system works for them;  Second, identifying and encouraging individuals to take the job; and Third, assisting those people with the process of getting elected without the requirement of an expensive political machine which threatens that person’s exercise of judgement we have entrusted to them.

I believe that the backbiting and vitriol of the current political climate has at its core the two party system.  The effect that the voter’s conundrum has caused, probably by design, a situation where voters are forced to chose between two candidates neither of which exactly matches their views. The result is that a vote for a third or non-party candidate that would be a voter’s actual choice might hurt another candidate you could tolerate and help the candidate you abhor. The simple fix to this problem is Rank Choice Voting. In a classic chicken and egg riddle, we need to find the decent people who will be good choices for office and people who would be good choices for office, naturally would enact such systems to empower the vote. Outside of that framework, most people who would be good for the job are just put off by the nuisance and cost of regulatory compliance, administration and record keeping and the enormity of the task of becoming known and trusted by the voters.  I would like to try and create a tool that candidates that might want to run  can use to test the waters and just say “Here I am, I promise that if I decide to run I will represent you instead of the people with the money to buy an office.  Because I do not serve at the whim of a party or donor, if I decide to and successfully run, my decisions will not always be what you might have done, but they will all be made with considerations of your interests “  The concept of the website under development here is to generate money to provide a forum for candidates to start from. Hopefully any donations they might receive for their exploratory or early campaigns will serve more as an informal poll on what people think of them than a necessary requirement to run a campaign. Then the website will try to create a vehicle that provides an economical route for:


A map of the United States showing the states that are holding elections in the next cycle which would be the place to click for links to that states candidates

A way that they can register their names so that they can, at first, express their interest in running as a NPA candidate through an exploratory vehicle and at some later time switch to a registered candidate. A candidate should be encouraged to wait till the actual filing window to enter the race and simply be listed as exploring viability of a run prior to that time. Campaigns have become too long.

Access to a set of tools, possibly like do it yourself tax programs, to allow for the minimum outlay or funds to register as an NPA and either pay or execute the signature forms to get on the ballot.

A way to connect to links to websites that they might generate for themselves, contact information, a concise introduction of why they want to do this, provide whatever information about themselves that they want to provide.  

Some kind of  kind of primer on how to run if you want to, then try and replicate it for the other states in the current cycle.

Links to volunteer groups that might be interested in supporting an NPA candidate.

A tool to create a contact list of potentially interested supporters that can chose to be open to contact from candidates.


A way to find candidates who are interested in running outside of political party affiliation

A way to link to support avenues for those candidates

A way to support the website so graciously making this possible

A way to provide contact information and chose who of the people using the website can see that they are interested in these ideas

A link to the basic information that candidates would like to provide concerning their interest in the office.


A way to research potential candidates and hopefully engage in reporting that will help potential candidates be introduced to the public without the traditional resorting to expensive time, people, material expenses that keep most qualified people from ever thinking to run for office

An opportunity to provide contact information for reporters, program organizers, who might be interested in covering people who are considering running for office.

Historical Perspective of the need for this effort.

The need for finding way to reverse course by diluting government and tuning away from authoritarian rule was laid out in the following words which are borrowed, and gently reworked for this purpose.

“In a 1927 Supreme Court opinion, Justice Louis Brandeis cautioned that: “Those who won our independence believed… that fear breeds repression; that repression breeds hate; that hate menaces stable government.”

The historian Richard Hofstadter, in 1964, labeled the weaponization of fear to attain power as the “paranoid style in American politics,” describing it as an “old and recurrent phenomenon in our public life” that “has a greater affinity for bad causes than good” and “has been frequently linked with movement of suspicious discontent.”

The political path to galvanize American authoritarianism is also well worn and documented. First, purveyors of the paranoid style conjure an “other.” Second, this other is described as different from mainstream Americans, and identified as a clear and present threat to majoritarian values and traditions. Third, the paranoid leader stokes fear that a hidden conspiracy to undermine mainstream values is afoot and alleges that the other is behind it—activating American authoritarians. Finally, in its most virulent manifestation, growing fear of the other is manipulated to rationalize actions that violate fundamental values, norms, laws, and constitutional protections guaranteed to all Americans.

This path reads like the playbook guiding the Trump administration and campaign. Much of it was on view at the Republican National Convention: “They want to destroy this country,” Kimberly Guifoyle bellowed from the podium. Donald Trump Jr. warned: “Joe Biden and the radical left are also now coming for our freedom of speech, and want to bully us into submission.” American history is littered with examples of what happens when messages like these stir up their intended targets.

Our nation’s egalitarian, democratic aspirations have always competed for supremacy with a darker tradition rooted in authority, obedience and the hegemonic enforcement of majoritarian interests and norms. But it has never confronted a challenge like this. Trumpism is McCarthyism on steroids, and its full expression menaces the stability of our democracy. A country where authoritarian ideals are ascendant, and remain ascendant, is no longer a democracy. It is on the road to fascism, or what some now call euphemistically illiberal democracy.

But a country that can look clearly at its own authoritarian impulses, understand them and find ways to address them is a democracy that can survive and flourish.

Let me be clear: our fellow Americans, including our authoritarian neighbors, are not the enemy. The enemies of democracy are self-interested men and women who exploit fear to secure and expand their power. Fear activates the reservoir of intolerance that resides across ideological and partisan divides. And it dupes some of us into demanding uniformity over diversity, denigrating our neighbors, and turning our back on the very motto inscribed on the Great Seal of our Republican in 1782: e pluribus unum.

Democracy is fragile. As John Quincy Adams wrote in 1814, “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet, that did not commit suicide.”

In November, we had a choice: freedom or fear. We chose freedom, but our work is not done. Once stirred and embraced as deeply as it has been over the last four years, authoritarianism will not simply dissipate with the results of an election. We need to take action personally, institutionally and socially to rebuild the guardrails of democracy that protect our Republic from careening off the road into the gutter.

Personally, we need to stop othering each other. No more schoolyard labeling of one another as “libtard,” “snowflake,” or “deplorable.” No more reveling in the drawing of differences between us and them. There is no “enemy within” except the self-interested misleaders who exacerbate our problems. The real enemy is ignorance, disinformation, and the lure of simple authoritarian answers to complex problems.

Institutionally, we need to rebuild faith in the institutions of government and democracy by demanding that our leaders are constrained by the rule of law and our fundamental constitutional principles.

Socially, we must confront and make peace with our history. We have much to be proud of as Americans, but we also have a history that needs to be confronted. Projects like Trump’s 1776 Commission, designed to whitewash that history, point in the wrong direction. Reconciliation of our past transgressions strengthens us as a people.

These may seem like Pollyannaish prescriptions for a Mad Max world. They are not. These are some of the necessary steps to protect and defend our birthright as Americans. And I am not the first to suggest them.

In 1950, taking McCarthyism head on while others demurred, Republican Senator Margaret Chase Smith delivered a more pointed articulation of these principles in her “Declaration of Conscience.” She said: “It is high time that we stopped thinking politically as Republicans and Democrats about elections and started thinking patriotically as Americans about national security based on individual freedoms. It is high time that we all stopped being tools and victims of totalitarian techniques that, if continued here unchecked, will surely end what we have come to cherish as the American way of life.”