No Party Movement
"The Illusion of a Two Party System Divides Us All."
- Noparmo ITINST
No Party Movement
"Only two parties divides us all." - Noparmo ITINST

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The first step back from the edge of the cliff upon which we find ourselves is to empower and require the whole of our population to become involved in their governance.  The most important sentence of this whole website is, “if we can not only empower, but require every citizen to vote we will set up a situation where almost all of the impediments to our American Constitutional Republic will be confronted.” The most basic and ubiquitous tool to do that is to empower the vote.  We need to turn our elections from the bloodsport entertainment circus that they have become into a source of national pride and commitment to our system.  The first step on that road is to properly frame the real issue, that “All Votes Matter,” so that its detractors have no way to distract from that real issue, encouraging participation, compromise and working together towards common goals is paramount to any other interest.  If that is the bedrock, then voter suppression forces cannot argue against it without showing themselves to be the true thieves from and not the protectors of the electoral process.  The impulse to frame the issue by showing the injustices that have systematically been inflicted on the underprivileged is attractive, but only sets up a contest that competing sides will use to obfuscate the facts.   Boogie men, dark imaginary forces and claims of nonexistent fraud will be cravenly and fraudulently put forward and the subjects of fanciful conspiracy theories will be promoted to scare the populace into inaction.   The courts, including the Supreme Court (that is now even further polluted with three new unfit Justices, unfit not because of any personal failing but because they cared more about their appointment than the separation of powers) have shown in Shelby County, Alabama V. Holder, that they are not interested in and will not defend the rights of the disenfranchised when they required in their finding that the unrepresented electorate must continuously inform the courts on the ever evolving voter suppression schemes being developed, though these schemes are unproveable as they have not yet been implemented because of existing law, in order to be provided any protection under the Voting Rights Act.   RBG’s rebuke of this travesty of justice is far more eloquent than anything I could devise. There can be no clearer example of legislating from the bench, as they claim they are loathe to do, than this.  The state’s governments have repeatedly shown that they will not defend the rights of the underprivileged as they showed after the, stupendously lacking in insight, Supreme Court justices ruled in that case, by implementing a flurry of regulations the moment they were let off the leash. Efforts that were deemed by courts to be “surgically implemented efforts to disenfranchise historically disadvantaged populations.”  In fact most states, and all of the states that seek to empower almost entirely republican (don’t say it out loud … don’t say it out loud … damn can’t help myself) white/wealth,  “shut up, the smart  people are in charge here, your voice doesn’t matter” voter suppression schemes, operate on multiple levels.  States routinely limit your access to polling places by providing physical and time access to rich white/wealthy neighborhoods and creating barriers to access where the ruling white/wealthy minority does not think its self-serving/enriching policies will be supported.   The voter suppression forces seek to disenfranchise voters that they feel are not worthy by arbitrarily purging them from the voter rolls in conjunction with implementing as onerous obstacles to registration, laser focused to deny votes to particular voters that they know would not support them.  Then, if their obstructions to participation in our political system fail, they feel no shame in seeking to have votes lawfully cast set aside to support their, win at all cost, including the current treason of the U.S. House and Senate Republicans, ( trea·son/ˈtrēzən/ Learn to pronounce noun: treason; noun: high treason; plural noun: high treasons 1. the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.) and without integrity, beliefs.  As if the voter suppression forces needed a punctuation mark to declare their soulless avarice to the world, among examples are in Texas (limiting voting drop boxes), Georgia (voter roll purging) and, possibly the most recent egregious example, the Republican led effort to spit in the face of the super majority of Florida voter’s clear guidance to welcome people who have erred back into participatory society, all while sending their record setting, carpetbagger, former owner of a record setting Florida criminal Medicare fraud organization, to the Senate.    Well-meaning attempts to encourage participation through streamlining, simplifying or in the worst possible outcome, nationalizing the process invites actual disaster.  It is precisely our system of thousands of independent and distinct voting subdivisions that effectively and efficiently protects us from wholesale hacks and voter fraud.

To this end it is essential that the entire thinking on the voting process needs to be turned on its head.  The United States Senate needs to enact, then refuse to participate in discussion on any other non-essential program until the house agrees and the president signs, a carrot and stick approach to empowering the voting apparatus to encourage the un assailable proposition that “All Votes Matter.”  That every person who would be eligible to vote should not only be empowered, encouraged but also required to exercise that right or affirmatively decline in order to facilitate participation by all people that could be legally eligible to vote.  Not registered voters, not people who have jumped the wickets placed to hinder their exercise of that right, merely people of legal age, citizens and not otherwise legally disenfranchised.  Each supervisor in each electoral subdivision has (or could easily determine) the number of adults of legal voting age living within their jurisdiction.  Statistical or actual adjustments could be developed to take care of disqualification through lack of citizenship or other legitimate reasons an adult might not cast a vote.  For each Federal election, the federal government should provide each subdivision money to augment their efforts accounting for security, registering, providing sufficient opportunities to visit polling places or otherwise participate and learning about the candidates and issues.  In exchange, the election officials will be required to provide a verifiable (paper trail) election and be able to show that a fixed percentage of the people in their jurisdiction (start at 75% and work to the goal, as close to 100% as practicable) were given the opportunity to vote by returning a ballot or another indication that they chose not to register, participate or otherwise chose to sit out.  States that fail to meet this goal in all their subdivisions will waive their right for that year, or that voting interval to some non-critical federal assistance fund i.e. Federal Highway Assistance.  Individuals who participate will be given a nominal tax benefit; individuals who refuse to participate will face a nominal fine.  Federal voting day will become a national paid holiday.  Candidates will work from a level playing field of government financed elections.  Finally, National Public Broadcasting needs to return to being mostly funded by the nation and be given the task of devoting part of their efforts to developing programs designed to inform the public on political process, issues and candidates.     Requiring participation will blunt the power of the voter suppression advocates to deny wide swaths of the electorate the vote. Funding the process will eliminate the argument that we simply cant afford to provide a safe, secure, efficient election process that is available to all. A paper trail requirement will eliminate the spurious claims, raised without any evidence that fraud has ever occurred in any significant manner, that irregularities in the voting system could occur undetected. The last challenge is the effect of the voter’s conundrum caused, probably by design, where voters are forced to chose between two candidates neither of which exactly matches their views. The result is that a vote for a third or non-party candidate that would be actual choice might hurt another candidate you could tolerate and help the candidate you abhor. The simple fix to this problem is Rank Choice Voting. In a classic chicken and egg riddle, we need to find the decent people who will be good choices for office and people who would be good choices for office, naturally would enact such systems to empower the vote. We have just had a record setting election because people recognized that the continuation of our Republic literally depended upon it and still we did not reach 75%, close to 60 million people, near the vote totals of each candidate, did not participate.  We are better than this.

Addendum:  Congratulations Georgia Patriots. The Nation owes you a great debt of gratitude. The results in Georgia have provided an accelerated path for our nation to return from the brink that tribal politics have foisted upon us.  The path back from the brink is to provide a system like the All Votes Matter/No Party Movement that not only values, but requires, citizens to at least nominally through voting, participate in the governance of the country.  You recognized the bile and avarice represented by the two Republican candidates that were poster children for the current version of the Republican party, hijacked by con men and flim flam hucksters and you, even in the face of historic voter suppression and the right wing lunatic smear campaign of lies, put our nation in the best position we could possibly be in to recover our soul. The Republican party of today is against encouraging participation and fair voting, apportionment and representative democracy so if the Republican candidates in Georgia had been elected, effective measures to promote this path would have been absolutely blocked.  Contrary to what you are being told by opinion right wing media, there is NO chance that the Democratic party is homogeneous enough to enact the most progressive portions of the “liberal” agenda in a  Biden administration so there is NO downside from any sane political veiwpoint.  This provides a unique opportunity to make clear to the Democratic party, the only party interested in empowering each citizen’s right to vote, and any Republicans who want to serve past 2022, to engage in and promote an “All Votes Matter” agenda.  The voters in Georgia have provided us the chance to send the message to the warring political elites that if you do not provide a path to 100% participation, we will find Non Party Affiliated candidates that care more about our country than they do about their own individual power or their next paycheck.  Good riddance to Kelly and Dave, go somewhere where you can no longer inflict damage on our country please. We do appreciate the example your have provided that the United States will no longer tolerate those who have championed police brutality and insider trading, personal gain over societal good but now your usefulness is done. The Democrats providing decent man and a religious leader and an anti-corruption champion, have done us a great service, what clearer choice could there have been? Well done.   Now we need to demand that our representatives support a program like “All Votes Matter” to encourage universal participation in voting NOW.  If they don’t, they aren’t really interested in representing you, the voter.   If they refuse, in two years’ time, it will be incumbent on the remaining patriots in the country to send the message to those in power that we will replace mindless Tribal Party candidates with people who will represent us, through something like the No Party Movement, for salvation of our Democracy.