No Party Movement
"The Illusion of a Two Party System Divides Us All."
- Noparmo ITINST
No Party Movement
"Only two parties divides us all." - Noparmo ITINST

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There is nothing in our Constitution or laws that even suggests, much less mandates, political parties or the Two Party System. In fact, early in our Nation’s history many of the founders warned us that political parties were a dangerous threat to this system of government. As we sit here, like frogs on a pot of water being heated on the stove, the incremental damage being caused by this situation is difficult to discern. As the water comes to a boil, the wisdom of our forefathers words about the Clear and Present Danger political parties pose to our Republic are becoming clear. Lets hope that we find our way to the other side of this immediate crisis and still retain the ability to learn from the mistake of allowing unchecked major political parties to wreck such havoc on our Great Nation.

The only way to achieve what needs to be achieved begins with a No Party Movement (the purpose of the go fund me portion of this website) to drive party politics out of the United States Senate and replace the current warriors bent on victory with statesmen committed to the principles of shared purpose, fairness, critical thinking, strong advocacy and compromise.  It would be nice to have this sentiment pervade all levels of our political system, but there is no way that a grass roots movement at the local, state or even U.S. Representative level has a chance because of the sheer numbers of offices that would have to be won in concert at the same time.  Our system is strong precisely because competing forces protect competing interests.  The closest to accessible and fair political body we have is the Senate.  The Senate is the obvious choice because it is designed to be the Adult in the room. It is entrusted with the final legislative say in all the most important legislative duties in the government.   Its constitutional basis has structural inertia elegantly designed to inhibit rash actions.   Its longer and staggered terms provide the ability of Senators to thoughtfully consider their actions free from an election always just around the corner and always has a super majority four years away from the undeniable influence of the desire for re-election.  Each state, large and small, rural and urban, Latino, black, white, Asian … (I don’t want to leave anyone out but …) has the same representation to protect against exactly the “Mob Rule” that propagandist opinion salesmen on cable “News” lie about occurring.   Finally, the Senate is the one body that is small enough to be influenced by the will of each state’s voters, yet wields the kind of power to correct injustices and promote even treatment nationwide.   Even if on the way to a political party free Senate a smaller cadre of decent Non Party Affiliated senators are elected, a few decent people dedicated to fostering compromise could reign in the power of the dark forces that manipulate the major political party’s lockstep hold on conformity.  The senate once actually had the wisdom to recognize their ability to resist outside forces was limited and put into place even more tools, like artificial immediate super majorities, and the now hijacked filibuster,  to ensure that its most consequential decisions were not subject to the whim of the moment, the whipsaw of a simple majority or the press of outside forces not answerable to the electorate that might cause an otherwise decent and principled Senator to act contrary to what they know is right.   As time has progressed, the Senate has lost sight of the things that their forebears understood that even Senators are human and subject to the desire to quickly meet a goal.   They became frustrated with shortsighted, lazy people hijacking the system to block clearly needed improvements through things like the filibuster and lost their way.  This provoked the poorly thought out political blunder in the interests of expediency the singular mistake of repealing the filibuster on judicial nominations.  Where has that got us?  To evaluate what they did by eliminating the filibuster for that you should look to the words spoken to the skipper of the fictional Russian submarine V. K. Konovalov tasked with destruction of the Red October when he took that safety off his own torpedo,  “You arrogant ass, you killed us.”   We have a record number of unqualified judges bent on making the Judiciary just another purchased puppet of the dark money interests who only value the cover our legal system gives for their political theft.  The Senate is the one body that is (well should be) equally accessible and answerable to each voter in each state, or at least it was until the scourge of the dark side of party politics infected the body.  We could think out of the box and propose ideas like ”ALL Votes Matter” and  hope that the two major parties  come to embrace the fact that we need to come together and start thinking out of the lockstep party default.  Realizing that is unlikely to succeed in the era of divisive party tribalism is the first step to stop thinking out of the box and start doing out of the box and create the system we deserve.

So what do you do when what was the party of fiscal responsibility and what they perceived to be the non-bigoted version of “family values” has devolved into the party of white supremacy, traitorous attacks on democracy, greed theft and self dealing augmented by the few remnants of the old GOP too cowardly to stand up to them? Where do you go if you understand that there are real injustices in the world but think that people with the more liberal solutions are not in touch with economic reality or will go too far if implemented wholesale with no checks on power? The first thing that you need to do is get everyone invested in the process with “ALL Votes Matter.” At the same time representatives need to fix the effect of the voter’s conundrum caused, probably by design, where voters are forced to chose between two candidates neither of which exactly matches their views. The result is that a vote for a third or non-party candidate that would be a voter’s actual choice might hurt another candidate you could tolerate and help the candidate you abhor. The simple fix to this problem is Rank Choice Voting. In a classic chicken and egg riddle, we need to find the decent people who will be good choices for office and people who would be good choices for office, naturally would enact such systems to empower the vote. We owe ourselves this effort that will take to take back our voice from the dominant political parties. Only when WE choose who WE elect, will those people truly be answerable to us. Only then can we start to identify, what should be obvious, the issues that hold us back from true greatness and only then can we expect those representatives to consider all of us in fashioning solutions to each of those issues beneficial to ALL of us at the same time.

I am a true believer in the basic goodness of most everyone who has populated this Great Nation whether they originated here or not.  I passionately believe that there are far more than two people in each of the several states who could and would be up to the task of serving in the Senate with the temperament, skills, intelligence and vision to successfully represent the states without being told what to do by political parties.  It’s not an insurmountable task to expect each state to identify and elect such a person two out of every six years.  One might argue that political parties are required or inextricable from our democratic process and that nothing would get done without someone to herd the cats, but I would note that we have two cat herds now and nothing is getting done.  To have a critical mass in the Senate of responsible, talented Statesmen/women, who answer only to the voters who put them there, could go a long way in encouraging participation and enacting legislation that more fully recognizes all corners of our political spectrum.  Legislation that merely reverses each time the other party gains power and is never given a chance to see if it can succeed because of senseless tribal infighting will never solve the real problems that we are facing.   There is, and has historically been, a shockingly small percentage of the eligible population that participates in elections.  In the 2016 election far more people sat out than voted for either candidate.  In the most recent election, with our democracy literally at stake had we made the wrong choice, still 60 million or so chose not to participate in our salvation.  It is reasonable to infer, based on how the process was covered in the media, that a significant portion of those eligible voters sat out because they felt that the candidates presented by the parties were equally distasteful and/or that their votes could not meaningfully affect the process, or the perception the politicians themselves believe they don’t actually work for the voters.   This effort is designed to provide a platform to allow people who might be interested in serving their nation outside of Political parties to become known to voters and media interested in finding out what those kind of people provide as a real choice without the necessity of simply creating another political party which would, to be successful,  inevitably be subject to the same big money, dark political forces that currently pollute our system.

The backdrop for this No Party Movement website is a mock up of one version of an idea that might be useful to bring to fruition a vehicle that will provide some way outside of normal political channels for the decent people that need to be located and encouraged to take up the difficult and often thankless, or at least always being forced to choose between options that will not please everyone, job of being a U.S Senator.  Statespersons who are not merely a pawn of his or her purchaser but an actual Non Party Affiliated States(person) who represents the state and country with decency, the spirit of compromise and common purpose.  If you want to support such an effort please go to the “Donate” button.  This is not a nonprofit so it is not tax deductible, however, unlike hat sales, donations beyond reasonable expenses will either be used for this project, a voter/candidate enabling project with a similar ethos or donated to a suitable charitable organization.  If you want to support that type of website, the donate button is for you. If you just want to show your support for the proposition that we need to remove the Us/Them hate from our daily life, buy one or more of the items offered for sale elsewhere through the site.